Findlay James James (Insolvency Practitioners) Ltd are seeking to provide creditors with a good standard of service in terms of communication and expediting dividend payments. We are currently working on providing case information online to registered users, to facilitate the efficient provision of information, to provide an operational interface for claim registration and to provide technical support to creditors seeking advice.

We have a number of technical videos available for creditor specific in pre-production.

Creditors may also be interested in the content of the insolvency blog written by Alisdair Findlay, the founder and intellectual powerhouse behind Findlay James. Findlay James is a member of and welcomes feedback from creditors who have interacted with Findlay James as a result of our being appointed on a case. Please click here to view our feedbacks.

This area of our site is under construction. Please check back soon for updates or contact us for more information.

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