Insolvency Advice

We can help you or your business. The last thing you want to do is close your business, lose your staff and throw away your years of hard work, we can fully understand and implement your requirements with an effective business recovery plan or sometimes just the right funding. Seek early advice from our experienced qualified professionals.

Get the insolvency right advice for your situation. Choose the most appropriate category
liquidation administration advice

Company Directors

Findlay James provides Directors of Limited Companies with a full range of Advisory & Insolvency Services. If you need advice in relation to your company’s position, and/or your position as a Director, we can assist.

Sole Trader

If a sole trader finds itself in cash flow difficulties, the insolvency options are either Individual Voluntary Arrangement or a Bankruptcy Order. Which one depends on your circumstances.

Consumer Debt

If circumstances have conspired against you and you are finding it difficult to manage your financial affairs we can help. We have developed specialist web sites to assist people with personal debt problems.


We are seeking to provide creditors with a good standard of service in terms of communication and expediting dividend payments. We provide case information online to registered users.

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