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Alisdair Findlay of Findlay James is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. He is qualified to carry out insolvency formal procedures such as company administration, liquidation, bankruptcy, creditors voluntary arrangement and individual voluntary arrangements.

A licensed insolvency practitioner, such as Findlay James are necessary to deal with a range of formal insolvency procedures must be dealt with by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

This Company Insolvency procedures include company liquidations, Administrations, Administrative Receiverships, Company Voluntary Arrangements (or CVA), and Deeds of Arrangement.

Personal debt procedures include Bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (or IVA) and debt management plans. Learn more about IVAs at Insolvency Direct

Definition of an Insolvency Practitioner

According to wikipedia:

In the United Kingdom, only an authorised or licensed Insolvency Practitioner (usually abbreviated to IP) may be appointed in relation to formal insolvency procedures.

Quite often IPs have an accountancy background. A few active practitioners are lawyers, but it is not necessary to be qualified as either, as since 1986 there has been a direct entry route to the profession.

source: wikipedia

A little about Findlay James – Insolvency Practitioner

Welcome to the insolvency practitioners website of Findlay James James (Insolvency Practitioners) Ltd, a small firm of specialist insolvency accountants (Insolvency Practitioners). We are owned and operated by myself Alisdair Findlay, based in Cheltenham, providing Insolvency services to whomever requests our assistance.

What we do is not always routine, it is a difficult time for our clients, and managing the insolvency process requires skill, experience and sensitivity. In dealing with over 1200 appointments, Findlay James has never had a single complaint upheld by any creditor, I am tempting fate mentioning that, but it is a fact, that stands testament to the hard work and commitment of the staff at Findlay James, to whom I am ever grateful, and to whom our clients are equally grateful for their approachability, efficiency and down to earth nature.

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